NATA Immersion Experience Host Submission

Program Introduction

The NATA Immersion Experience Program connects non-certified student members with exclusive, unique opportunities to further their AT experience and growth in clinical skills. This new member benefit also benefits the Professional Member who hosts immersion experiences, opening their ability to connect to a larger candidate pool.

Please note: This is not an internship program.  


  1. Immersion Experience Host completes the submission form on
  2. Qualified opportunities are created and posted on the Volunteer portal on Gather, the members-only NATA online community website.
  3. There is an up-to 30-day application window for non-certified student members to apply for the immersion experience.
  4. Upon completion of the application window, the Immersion Experience Host will receive a report on all applicants, their completed applications and submitted materials. The Immersion Experience Host will have up to 30 days to select and submit their top three final candidates back to NATA. The host will reach out to the top candidate for acceptance of the offer. NATA recommends giving the selected student up to 7 days to accept the offer. If the student does not accept, the host will reach out to the second and then third choice, if needed.
  5. Following acceptance, NATA requires the immersion host to inform NATA of the selected candidate. At that time, the post will be removed and considered filled.
  6. If no one accepts, NATA will work with the Immersion Experience Host to determine next steps, such as reopening the opportunity.
  7. Once a candidate accepts the opportunity, NATA will reach out to the remaining applicants to make them aware of the position being potentially filled contingent on an affiliation agreement being executed between the final candidate's institution and the host immersion organization.
  8. When an affiliation agreement is met, NATA will reach out to the remaining applications to make them aware the position has filled and is considered closed, thanking them for their application.
  9. Students will evaluate their experience at the midpoint and completion of the program. This information will be used to determine the future ability of the immersion experience host to post opportunities.

Disclaimer: The Immersion Experiences participating in the program are not approved or endorsed by NATA. It is offered to you because of NATA’s commitment to supporting athletic training advancement and education. By agreeing to participate in the program you confirm that the information is true, and that all outlined criteria will be met. NATA reserves the right to deny any program.

Please include information such as abilities, initiative, availability, education level, technical standards or essential functions, technological requirements, immunization requirements and travel expectations.
What Type of Immersion Experience is this?
Ex) Telemedicine
This is a combination of both in-person and virtual experiences (such as telemedicine)
What Patient Population will the student be exposed to?
Examples: pediatric, adult, geriatric
Examples: competitive and recreational, individual and team activities, high and low intensity activities
Examples: military, industrial, occupational, leisure activities, performing arts
Please include information such as competitive level, patient population, team activity (if applicable), intensity and clinical appointment date/availability requirement.
Is there housing on campus? (example: dorm, apartment)
If yes, is there cost associated with housing?
If yes, are there options off campus?
Are there meal plan options?
Are there public transportation options?
Are there costs associated with parking permits?
Is there a dress code requirement for the experience?
Does your institution and/or organization provide uniform or clothing?
Is this a paid experience?
Will the non-certified student be supervised by a certified or licensed athletic trainer or physician throughout their time at the experience?

As the Immersion Experience Host, by checking this box, I agree to take all responsibility to ensure that the information provided above is true and accurate. In addition, I take full responsibility and acknowledge NATA is not responsible ensuring the immersion experience meets and adheres to all state and federal regulations and CAATE and BOC Standards. I understand failure to comply subjects myself and my institution with potential ethical and legal violations.