External Marketing & PR Grant


The purpose of the External Marketing & Public Relations (EM & PR) Grant Program is to provide financial support to NATA members in the delivery of strategic public relations initiatives to key external stakeholders. The goal is to support initiatives that can positively impact the public image and effectively communicate the knowledge, skills, and value of an AT. The intent of the grant is to provide support to members where funding is not sufficient or currently available to adequately deliver the key message(s) to the public.


The following policy and procedures describe the EM & PR Grant Program under which NATA, through its Public Relations Committee (PRC), provides funds to members. Grants are available from January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020. The program is based on the concept of a national/district/state share, so members are expected to utilize state and or district support to the greatest extent possible. Verification of support should be provided.

Consideration and eligibility for grant funding will include, but not be limited to, items such as:

  • Communication with state AND district PR Rep
  • Membership involvement through fund-raising, and state/district support
  • Demonstration of ability to complete projects and reports
  • Completion of all application materials and requirements
  • Quality, clarity, and timeliness of the application.

Grants are made at the discretion of NATA. The intent is to support the national EM & PR agenda through the assistance of members at the district and state levels. NATA cannot serve as the sole financial support of these efforts but will provide funds as available to support these initiatives. Early and frequent contact with the NATA PRC and your state and district PR reps will assure a smooth process.

Application Process

Discretionary and Matching EM & PR Grant funds are made available through annual budget allocation. Members are expected to provide detailed budgets, including funds generated through dues or sponsorship, fundraising, and/or other means.

Please review your application with the NATA PRC Rep/Chair for the respective district from which you are submitting. Completed applications must be submitted online by the deadline identified within this document.

EM & PR Grant Classifications:


Members that conduct fund-raising specifically for the EM & PR campaign/project may seek a Matching grant. Matching is not available to those receiving Discretionary funds. The maximum Matching grant is up to $4,000.

Applications should be submitted online January 1st – June 1st for full consideration and must be reviewed by the District PRC Rep.


Requests will be considered as a whole and prioritized by the PRC. Applications for Discretionary EM & PR Grants will be reviewed by the District PRC Rep and submitted online July 1st – June 1st for full consideration. Applicants will be notified within 60 days if a grant has been awarded. Please be sure to make the application as comprehensive as possible. For assistance, contact your District PRC Rep. The maximum Discretionary grant is up to $3,000.

Members requesting Discretionary funds are not eligible for Matching grants. However, if your Discretionary grant request is denied, a matching grant may be available.

Fund Disbursement:

Discretionary grants are disbursed based on expenditures and will not be released until receipts are submitted to the NATA PRC. Documentation may be sent electronically or in hard copy to the NATA PRC Chair. The Chair will then forward to the NATA office. Please allow for two weeks processing. ALL RECEIPTS MUST BE PROVIDED BY JUNE 15TH.

Matching grants are awarded in a lump sum after approval and after submission of required documentation. Please allow two weeks for processing. Checks are mailed to the individual and address indicated on the application. ALL RECEIPTS MUST BE PROVIDED BY JUNE 15TH.


In order to qualify for funds, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • NATA member in good standing
  • Applicant(s) must have NPI number
  • Must have applied for available state or district funds (if available/congruent with deadlines)
  • Must have reviewed the PR Stylebook and NATA Terminology

Approved Uses:

Grant funds should be used for fees/travel, materials, and media that directly reach the public and key external stakeholders including, but not limited to school boards, parents, associations, other allied health professionals. Funds may NOT be used for legislative, internal or membership-focused activities. Fees/travel may include such things as exhibitor fees and travel expenses. Travel expenses are capped and limited to 50% of the request or $500 per individual/$1,000 per group. Materials and media can include flyers, banners, merchandise, web or social media platforms, etc. Applicants/Participants should use NATA-approved/branded materials. Branded materials can be obtained from the NATA office (marketing@nata.org). Any merchandise give-away items or honorariums are not to exceed 25% of the request or $500. Funds are NOT intended for consulting services. Instead, the District PR Rep can serve in consult. Any funds or marketing from non-brand NATA partners must be accompanied with a disclaimer provided by the NATA. Please verify with the NATA MARCOM department for a comprehensive list of brand-partners.

Final Documentation Requirements:

At the conclusion of the EM & PR initiative, the applicant(s) are REQUIRED to provide final documents and summary by June 1st or other approved date to complete the grant process. If an alternate date for program completion is approved, the applicant should provide an update by June 15th. All final documents should be submitted electronically.  The inability to complete final documentation will result in forfeiture of any funds awarded and/or future eligibility. The following items are required:

  1. A copy of all receipts
  2. A detailed analytical report of measurable outcomes (likes, shares, coverage, surveys, etc)
  3. Provide any relevant pictures or links to coverage of the initiative (jpg, hyperlinks, etc)
  4. Summary narrative of the EM & PR initiative outcomes, including assessment of goals/objectives based upon outcomes above; and opportunities/suggestions for improvement. (SWOT analysis)